LABORATORY for Import & Export
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Interested items: Medical lab equipment. Medicine, hospital

Target prices: Competitive & reachable prices

Remarks (Marketing plan):

~        Training of the Technical staff to ensure best technical advice for the customers.

~        Training of the sales staff to make sure of the optimum sale and marketing.

~        Promotion of the items through innovative channels

~        Sustain supply of the items and this major problem in the market in general.

~       Increase the number of the sales staff to cover all of the country.









Market Sectors


 International Organization

~         World Health Organization(WHO)

~        United Nations High Commission r for Refugees (UNHCR)

~        Save the children (Sweden)

~        Norwegian Church AID (NCA)  

~         Islamic RELIF.

~        Concern World Wide.

~        Plan Sudan.

Local Hospital (Public sector)

~         Khartoum Hospital.

~         Omdrman Hospital.

~        Wed madani Hospital.

~         Radiation & Isotopes Therapy Center.

~         Sudan military hospital

~        Police Hospital

~        MOH


~        Universities of Bahry.

~        Universities of Alrepat alwtani.

~        Universities of Khartoum.

~        Universities of shandei.   

~        Sudan University for Science & Technology.

Private sector

We deal with many private sector organizations with monthly contracts all over the country.