LABORATORY for Import & Export
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LIE logo.png (Lie) is a Sudanese registered company, with its headquarter in Khartoum. Since year of 2005, Lie has become an essential Importer and supplier of a wide range of medical equipments, pharmaceuticals, laboratory reagents and instrumentation to the NGOS, hospitals, universities, and technological institutes, and veterinary practices, industrial and pharmaceutical companies throughout Sudan.

LABORATORY for Import & Export possess the necessary personnel, delivery vehicles and financial resources that enable us to provide a fast, efficient, reliable and cost-cutting procurement services to our customers.

             We realize that cost containment and cost control are part of the major challenges that our clients face. With cost-containment in mind, LIE has and continues to enter into distributorship agreements with various product manufacturers both in and out of Sudan.

             Our Professional Experts and the broad array of our customer base has, and continues to give us pricing competitive advantages over our competitors as we are able to negotiate bulk product discounts directly with manufacturers.

         To that end, LIE delivers not just a product, but a promise: To combine excellence with commitment; to weave together reliability with integrity; and to offer competitive pricing for superior results.

Laboratory for Import & Export… we aim for perfection and we do our best to reach it……  

Our Staff:

In line with the development process supported by the company's, we choose our staff in high experienced to offer an integrated service for the convenience of the customer, and our company include   qualified Professional cadres .









Company Structure: